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Why do Haiti and the Dominican Republic continue as economic disasters within our hemisphere?

Albert Page:

You know...that is an interesting question. Even when you consider also that we don't deal with Cuba....a place that is closer to Florida than Kentucky is. I have a friend from the Dominican Republic (though he swears he is a Dominican Democrat) and he says that Haiti is an awful place because the government there is so screwed up. I don't know if that is true though....but it is a shame that we don't take care of our immediate neighbors and pretend to help people on the other side of the world.


That is food for thought Chad. It makes me wonder why we can't help these countries grow their wealth. But it could be they don't have any resources to improve their economic situations.

Albert Page:

Yeah...I don't know. I have been told that the Dominican Republic is a beautiful place on the beach parts....(once again...never been there so this is hearsay) Regardless...if nothing else, if done right - they could probably turn the two places into a tourism place. That seems to help economic growth.
But, once again - Cuba has a socialized health-care system that is extremely excellent. So they must have some form of economic power in their country - I imagine that a country that is next door to Cuba must have similar capabilities.
This is an interesting thought you pose...I'm going to have to look into it. I feel guilty that I never realized the oddity in us never helping them before...


Because they don't have any oil


How do you know that? They are too poor to bear the cost of drilling for oil.

Albert Page:

Yeah, in parts of South America, there are entire pits of crude just waiting to be taken by Corporate America. It only holds to logic that Dominican Republic and Haiti would have some to give too. (I know they aren['t in South America...that isn't the point)
But, if money were invested in their economy and in their people - mathematics show (there is a theory for this - I forget the name though) that says if you add money to an economy - that it will produce more money. It is like planting seeds.
Yet....regardless of the way we would help them - we are doing nothing. And we should consider that.


It is the mystery of our time.

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