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Are we going into another Great Depression?

First wall streetnow Im hearing Banks in EUROPE that are failing...its a domino effect.... Are we going into a 2nd great depression???? oh my gosh Thats a scary thought.

a lose-lose situation :(


Not a great depression a major recession, that we need to let happen or we will cause a depression. The market has to readjust itself, values are to high for the market from housing to the cost of any one thing that we purchase, labor etc. It is not the cause of the war in Iraq it is not the cause of Brush it is many factors that enter into the picture all at once. Obama will not solve it with his big brother can take care of you thinking, McCain just may be able to redo government so that the private sector can take care of this it has been to many government hands in the soup causing this, in America Congressman Barney Frank has his prints all over our problems with the financial world.

Doctor Woot:

No, we are not heading a sence we are there Reason you ask, our information systems move very quickly. There are great companies out there, most are bargains right now. The big hits came in the finances (investment banks) so many bad mortages where written. It will take time to work all this out. This does not mean there will not be pain. Too many have lost pensions, life savings. so what to do i don't know but that is why we elect these big shots right?


Please don't call it "Great".




Basic economic principles are in force here. With the crash of foreign banks and financial institution we have hit bottom and our economy will bounce back quickly. Just watch.

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