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Could you compare the oil companies to that of tobacco companies?

Jims best angle:

You can compare any company to any company. Why not compare oil companies to something like Nestle. They both take raw materials and refine them into products. One how ever "feed" machines the other "feeds" people. They both are in business to do one thing, to make money.
They both advertise there products and distribute them through third parties.


they both have too much money and not enough care for the average person


How? What's your prompt here?


HUH?????????? First of all, your grammar is misleading. You're saying "to that", which means you need to reference exactly which facet of oil companies' policies you are comparing to tobacco companies...Too vague. Lose the 'tude, man. Seriously.


Then re-word the question, perhaps. ????? "How are oil companies and tobacco companies similar?" See?


they are both commodities, one price is based on market principles of supply and demand, the other is based on taxation and demand.


Only in so far as they are big and rich. I have yet to hear an oil company lie about the healthful nature of it's products.


What is there to compare??? Tobacco sells a killer, but the government collects so much money from them they can't make it illegal. Oil companies make to world go around. If you don't like them because they make money then you don't understand business. They only make about a 7% profit on what they sell. Most companies make much more than that. They are making lots of money know, not because their profit margin is up, but because the market for their product is larger. EXP: if you sold 100 chairs in your town and made $10,000 your profit margin would be the same as if you sold 1000 chairs for $100,000. Your income increased but your profit margin didn't. Would you say the chair maker was ripping you off??? No he just increased his sales.

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