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Does short selling of stock serve a useful purpose?


What is short selling of stock? I've never heard of that, but it may be something I consider doing.


Short selling is a bet that stock prices will go down in a way that will let one profit.
Typically one "borrows" a stock from a broker and then sells it....with the hope that when it's time to pay for the stock it can be paid for at a lower price.
There is currently some controversy over whether allowing short sales has been serving a useful purpose, especially some of the financial stocks where a frenzy of short sales has devastated the market value of some well known financial institutions. The Feds have put a temporary ban on certain short sales to limit or avoid such devastation in certain financial stocks.


Hmmm...I think I will ask my stock broker about it to see if there's anything in for me. I could use all the help I can get right now! LOL Thanks for sharing!


Absolutely, it allows us to make money when the stock takes a nose-dive. This has a stabilizing effect on markets, it is a counter-weight to downturns. We make money when things are going good, and we make money when things are going bad. The only real bad side of it is what we have seen recently, too many speculators betting on failure can drive a stock down and destroy it.


How many times can you sell the same house ????


Yes, To put money on the pockets of people who doesn't have money, doesn't have stocks and doesn't have a conscience. It is a legalized method of people stealing other peoples goods and selling it at a profit.

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