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Today, 2 trillion dollar loss in 401K accounts, Is it time for a revolt? Death to King Looieeeeeeee!


LV, yes it's time to force change in our government but how to go about it? Some say march on the White House... well that would be effective if everyone would participate. Apathy in the lives of a huge majority of Americans is part of the problem. False thinking in saying that 'nothing we do matters' is also a huge problem in trying to fix the current issues. Then there's the radicals that say "D*mn the torpedoes!" and want to run head first into a fight with the White House, Congress and House...
When we the people will get together, stand together, work together and send a message of reform together then and only then will we possibly see change.


Hello ♥♥Мϊčħεſſε♥♥i:

I would love to work within the system to fix the system. But it (the System) is being played for short term gains. At this time most actions are with-in the gray side of the law. You can bring the "C's" to the Hill and question them all you want and make them squirm. but at the end of the day nothing was done but blow hot air. All talk no action, All hat no cow, That dog don't hunt.


Would it be nice to see the Sedition Act 1798, AkA(Espionage Act of 1917) used to fix today's problems just as effectively as Lincoln used it.

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