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who do you blame for are economic turmoil?


actually i blame us the american people we did this and no one else


There is guilt on many sides-the GREEDY executives-and the blind REGULATORS.


Mostly you


Blame can be cast on everybody from Gov to Banks to people who took out loans as well as selling those loans on wall st.


Maxine Waters and Freddie Mac. Republicans tried to regulate what was going on but Liberalism is overpowering right now with stupidity for American Value.


Wrong, this was caused by the democrats....


and the republicans were in control for six out of the last eight years and they couldn't or wouldn't change the things you think where wrong?


How could they change it? THE GOVERNMENT IS TOO LIBERAL.


Clinton/Gore put together a roundtable with bankers and HUD in 1994 to find a way for lower-income people to buy homes. Part of the report produced from this meeting (paraphrased) was that lower-income people have a hard time buying homes because they have a difficult time saving money for downpayments -- AND they have a hard time affording the monthly payment because of their incomes. (I dropped the links on another Q.) This end result was this committee suggesting that banks come with creative solutions around these two problems. And here we are. Of course, greed, dishonest lenders, and a dishonest Wall Street took the ball and ran for a touchdown.


actually i blame us the american people, we did this and no one else


Republicans and their deregulations.


Socialist policy pursued over the last 20 years. Acorn bully tactics and to get the lending institutions to loose the requirements for home loans and the Attorney behind Acorn Barack Obama who advised them on what to do ( of course he had some help from his friends Bill Ayers...) Lastly one of the last things Bill Clinton did before leaving office was to sign a piece of legislation that instructed Fanny and Freddy to increase the number of bad loans they were making. So this partisan move really clinched the deal. I will never, never, never vote for a Democrate again. I almost did this year until I learned how this whole debacle came to be!!! And by the way do you all think it is a good thing that the terrorist groups want B.O. in office? Amazing!

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