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should i sell my car and get a new one. it's a 1988 buick la saber no payments and get 40 mpg

it's uglier then home made soap but it's got a lot of heart .a new one only gets about 32 to 36 mpg and has payments

well thats pretty good mileage... and buicks are nice cars.... there is something to be said for new cars... but the payments, increased insurance, tags and license fees and upkeep.... if you can truly afford it, not afraid of the economy and you really want one... go ahead..... think what you could do with your buick though with thousands of dollars :))))



2 Cents:

keep that baby in good running condition. If it looks tacky, give it a face lift. If you need new seat covers, do that too. Spruce it up to looking like new, and keep it 20 more years. My car is a 68, and he's adorable. Has had 3 engines, one wasn't a good one, and new front end suspension, paint job, new front seat (just the seat part) and looks like new. So keep it going, especially with the mileage you have. You will eventually have a car that qualifies as an antique and won't even have to pay for license tabs.


good arn't they


If it runs good I'd keep it. Buick is one of the best made cars I've ever owned.


thank you.


Why get rid of it!! Who cares if it's uglier than homemade soap (ROFL)? if it gets good gas mileage and is in good condition.


thank you


hey if it aint broke dont fix it


your right


If the looks are all your worried about then take it into the the auto shop and see what they can do with it. Your next car will get 'old' too. I wouldn't worry as much about the looks as much as how it suits your needs. You may get a brand new lemon : )


If the old one is dependable I would keep it. A car with no payments is the cheapest transportation there is.

John P:

Good milage and runs god, keep it. Looks do not matter.

Texas Girl:

I am sure you would not get much for your car, It does not owe you anything at this point. Hang on to that hummer!!! If you do not need it for long distance trips, use it til it dies.


it runs so good i would drive it any where in the states and never worry.thank you for your answer edski.


it is worth not having car payments right now the way the economy is.....i am loving having a reliable good car with no payments even though it does not have all the looks i want...the joy of a new car does not last long and then it is used again like the one you have now

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