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Why are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Fact is................. rich are becoming more numerous.....many poorer people have migrated into the middle class.............things are getting better for many. Things are also upside down for many.....This is always true...........

Born Fool:

because it's a sliding scale. There's always people at the bottom, but it's relative. The biggest problem with poor people in this country is obesity.. The average poor person here has a refrigerator, electricity, running water, telephone, television (with cable)... you get the idea. For many places in the world that's middle class.


cause the poor are dumb


That was a rude thing to say.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Rich do things that make them richer.....poor do things that keep them poor.....Not rude....factual


Yes like lie and destroy lives using criminal business practices !!

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

Poor people do their share of criminal things too. What do you suspect the average wealth of someone who breaks into cars is?


@ johnfx, what do you suspect the average IQ of someone who breaks into cars?

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

I dunno. That would be hard to tell since you could only test the ones that got caught. I think that would depress the numbers somewhat.


It's an exponential thing. I'm wealthy If I invest the same percentage as you do I will gain more dollars.


IT IS possible when you are downsized through no fault of your own then...........your pension is in stock and the big wheels dump theirs and you can't. CAN YOU SAY ENRON.. NO ETHICS.. COOKING BOOKS......WE ARE BECOMING A NATION OF EXTREMELY GREEDY.... AND TRULY NEEDY PEOPLE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THAT IS NOT WHAT MY FATHER FOUGHT FOR !!


Because, that's the way it has always been. The poor have lousy jobs and low education. They are stuck in a rut. The rich usually have more education and better jobs. That's why they have more money. That being said, the poor are usually happier than the rich. The rich have everything and there is nothing more to want. The poor can want all they want, no pun needed, and are happier that way. I hope this helps answer your question. If you need more just email me at, [email protected]


If you LOOK at the premise of a capitalist system, those with capital will tend to be able to generate alpha - e.g. those who have money will be able to generate more money.

That's not to say that the poor would get poorer - but it doesn't necessarily help the poor as much as it helps those who are rich.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

The rich are getting richer, but the poor are getting richer too based on the trends. Your question makes a false presumption.


That's the eternal question. It's been around for as long as we have had currency! Maybe the rich are just smarter!

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Hello....Best Answer


Simple rule-if 100 people were put on a island with $100 each in a couple years 10% will have most of the money, 10% will have little if no money, and the other 80% will be somewhere in the middle.

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