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I have heard that some major companies are close to bankruptcy without the bailout, GM being one

How will this overall economy? and what other major corporations are nearing extinction here?

Yes, many companies are on the brink of bankruptcy. It will stop economic growth, if not shrink the economy. No one knows how many other corporations are close to death.


GM is not helping out any of the dealers they come in and swallow what is left and sell very valuabe cars at the wrong auctions and then make the dealers make up the difference in court. If they really wanted to stay profitable this wouldn't be happening. GM can go swish down the tubes and who cares.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

short term it will hurt the economy, long term it will help it.
There is a lot of talk about how free markets got us into this mess, when in reality it was mucking with free markets and not letting unfit companies fail when they needed to that really hurt us.


GM is getting Bailed out. You may have missed it last week but the Federal government passed the budget for next year and a $25 billion loan was included for the auto industry.


There is a separate bailout for GM and other car manufacturers. It has nothing to do with the bailout of the financial industry.
In a healthy economy, weak corporations fail. That's normal. That's healthy.
We are seeing the market work. Strong banks are buying weak ones. When the stock market falls, investors sweep in to get bargains.


A lot of these companies are PRIVATELY owned and operated, and I can't see why the American taxpayers should bail out these companies. If I get in debt thru my own mismanagement of my assets, that is my fault, not the government's. They surely aren't going to help me get out of debt if I make mistake after mistake w/my money.

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