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What TV commercial says, "When you are here, YOU ARE FAMILY? And then you pay for your meal?

Do you charge your family to eat?

Now you got me hungry lol:)


Go to Olive Garden and eat. If you are family it must be free food-you know. ;-)


Olive Garden


I have joked about them paying me.


It is a stupid commercai I think! LOL!


Isn't that the Olive Garden. And if I could, I would. They are like locusts.


Do they serve Locust at Olive Gardens? Maybe at the one in Cairo, Egypt? ;-)


I always go "Dutch"


Why not scotch?


You mean I can do that?!?!?!

I need a money jar!!!


Get that money jar! If your family eats like mine, you'll be rich in no time. ;-)

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