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Does insurance (in any context) impact an individual or a society's outlook on responsibility?

If not, why? If so, is this impact positive or negative?

I saw a movie many years ago......about an insurance agent.....that movie was created on a very unstable time of my city.........don't try to judge the movie being someone from a different country, it will be hard for you to understand the society of that time.......... that time the society here had some belief........among those were believe in conventional jobs like Doctor or Clerk.......Businessmen were considered to be people with least honesty(Can you believe....but I can feel why people used to think so)......anyway that movie was about a young man with no job.....he ultimately got a job as an insurance agent......Now he needs to convince people......and right there he broke his first society driven Ego....the ego that barred him to go to extreme to sell a policy to the client.........He discovered that it is not a sin to do anything to survive......A salesman is born ;)

The above can just be an intro to a book on the subject you have asked this question........ might have guessed that I am very lazy person....
...So....I hope this little typing will help you atleast a bit on fuelling your thoughts.....


Hi, Murdoc. I wish I could see a bit of the movie you mention. I think insurance capitalizes on fear to sell security, and in some(?) cases causes an undesirable shift in personal responsibility. However, it is a "necessary evil" now entrenched into today's economy, society and general state of mind. Thank you for the "fuel" for my thoughts :)


Yes having or NOT having insurance creates a major impact on an individual and their family. I am on disability so I have insurance but my husband does not and it scares me everyday, what if he would be involved in an automotive accident or have a heart attack or worse it would completely ruin us financially. I believe that every person legally living in the United States should also have access to good medical care - no discrepancy on the type of care depending on your financial status.


Hi, KentuckyLady. Thank you for answering my question. Unfortunately, you have very valid worries -- normal everyday activities (i.e. auto accident) or existence with circumstances beyond your control (i.e. heart attack) can result in financial ruin for your family. There is an incestuous good cop/bad cop relationship between the various insurance industries and the market they "protect" that exists at our financial expense. My best to you and your husband.


I hope not!
Can you imagine what that would be like?
" I have INSURANCE so I don't have to worry about that."
I may have nightmares about that tonight>


Hi, Vulture. I may be cynical, but I think some are like that. I hope you didn't have nightmares! Thanks for your answer :)


it certainly does. That is why many auto insurance co's have started taking credit ratings into account. They feel that in general a person with good credit is more responsible and gets better rates.


Hi, Rick. Thanks for your answer :)


It does when they rent a car!! How many times have you heard someone say this in a rental... "No worries. It's insured!"


lol :) Many times. That is some of the behavior that I am referring to. While growing up, I was raised to treat another's property as I would my own, so when I entered the "real world" that attitude had me a bit dumbfounded. Thanks, Timeless.

Tangent Bill:

What does insurance have to do with religion?


What does insurance have to do with religion? Wasn't Jesus' crucifixion an insurance policy for sins of man? Isn't the concept of "heaven" a life insurance policy for having done "right" during one's lifetime? Isn't the concept of "hell" an insurance policy that those who do wrong will be held accountable? Can't the belief in God be an insurance policy that a higher being has responsibility over your actions? I think there are many directions one could have taken the correlation of insurance and religion. Thanks for your answer, James007.

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