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How do you define 'being rich' and define 'middle class'? Use a dollar amount to define.


Middle Class would be any individual or family who is able to save and invest 15% of their income every year.
Being Rich would be classified as being able to save and invest more than 45% if annual income.


I think you gave a great answer.


0 dollars to define....example....two men have been crossing the desert from opposite of their camels is carrying water and food, he is coming from one direction while the other coming in the other direction (they will soon meet at the Oasis that is dry with no provisions) carrying gold and siver and these two rich the other poor...who is who in this situation? And what are the possible outcomes...and this is my next question I will post so leave this content to me....I have water and and see...comment I will comment back to you....Peace


Oh well. so the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say.....They meet under the shade of the Palm Trees now brittle in the heat.....They unload their camels, both noticing what the other has....The Man with the gold (rich man?) brings a bag of rings over and offer one as an introduction...the other has already set the table with wine and food for both without need of introduction....The Man with the gold drinks and satisfies his hunger for food. The merchant with food, continues to unwrap surprises and treats out of the joy of sharing and the happiness it brings his new friend....Which is the Rich man.? to be continued.....


"Rest", Rest the merchant says relax we are both tired and must rest....soon the night will be upon us and we will have to build a fire and cook some good meat I have for dinner in a stew...the other man agrees, but sleeps with one eye open and cautious of all his valuables...the Merchant with the food rests snoring and happy, Who is the Rich man? Why? be continued.....


being rich is when you look around your life and realize that it is full of love and security!.... being middle class is when you have not quit reached this point of gratefulness in life!


and that my friend is PRICELESS!


Hey Pork!! Good job, wonderfully said


nicely said... but she franklin wanted a dollar amount


dollar amount...hmmmm... i would say if your making over $100,000 a year... your rich. $50k/year to $90k/year... i'd say middle class. when your making over $100k/year, any more than that would not change your happiness.


Well, I guess then everyone making over $100K will have an increae in taxes as desired by Barney Frank, Democrats and Obama.


"Middle Class" is an undefined term. The only indication of wealth in this country is the average income for a family of four, which currently stands at just over $50,000.


I don't think a dollar amount would really work, because a million dollars in Maine goes a lot farther than it does in New York City for example. But, middle class=working for your living, having enough to pay the bills and save some for retirement. Rich=not having to worry about that retirement money!1

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