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Johnny Bender

Is low confidence in the Stock Market directly tied to uncertainty over upcoming election results?

Johnny Bender:

At some point folks will stop shredding their dollars and do what I hope to, invest in some crucial local finance opportunities. Cool heads just might avoid the hysteria.


I think a good deal of it is, but not all, things will look up a bit after the election, but not much.

Johnny Bender:

I wonder if looking back during election years we will find a trend, especially since we leave the election and go right into the holiday spending season.

A funny thing I heard, China closed their stock markets during a one day tumble, only to open it again and regain some stregnth. "It's good to be the king." - Mel Brooks History of the World Part II


Russia did the same on a fifteen point drop.


It must, no one knows how Obama will handle things if he gets in.

Johnny Bender:

Jimi Hendrix ...... "purple haze"

Will holiday shopping boost the blue economic woes of the country? Or will, more folks get pink slips instead of pay checks?


ya never know what the gop has up there sleeves

Johnny Bender:

The surprise rate reduction looks to have been met with a reduced enthusiasm than expected.


I'll tell you this.... I will sell all of my shares if Obama gets voted in! I know many others that have said they would do the same...


What shares?

Johnny Bender:

In order to do that you will need buyers.

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