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Reduction In Interest rates to save your Home, Who is helping the ones who are making their payments

Foreclosed Home Loans are getting interest rate reductions to save their home, what about the person who is making their payment and not delinquent? Are they getting a interest rate reduction? NO! Is This Fair?

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where it's paramount that people understand that there are some people worse off than them. It should not be a time when everyone stands with their hand out and says, "What're ya' doin' for me?" Really.

"Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." JFK -- It's not fair. But, for the good of the country, it must be.


This will create a false perception to people. They will respond with, OK I', struggling I'm making ,for what? let it go back, they will help me keep my home. Sad but true. What can you do for your country, not bailout corporate America, it is not helping you save your home, the back door is waiting for inflation to recover what money you think you're saving., lets help people who really need help, now can you guess who that is?


What false perception? What you're actually saying is that the government should give EVERYBODY money. What the heck? I wasn't for the bailout. I called all my sens and reps, for all the good it did. Everyone who knew anything about this bill knew it did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help homeowners.THAT legislation is yet to come. Everyone who OWNS a home today has lost equity....everybody's taken a bath. Do you want the U.S. government to be your "insurance carrier?"


The false perception is they do not have "the peoples" interest at heart, this is a smoke screen to what is really going on. The housing crisis is only real on their paper to cover up what is really going on. Watch the Libor index fund and see why Banks aren't lending to one another, golden parachutes from Corporate America to divert your attention to the housing industry oil prices and Wall Street, what is really going on? Ever wonder how they come up with the number 700 billion? The Government should give us our country back to the people, not handouts to everyone, the government is your Insurance Carrier already, what don't they control in our economy?


No one will help them, they are perceived as doing ok. The whole thing won't fly we won't allow it.

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