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Bailout or Bankruptcy?

When a consumer is insolvent, its called a Bankruptcy, this is not a bail-out , its plain and simple Wall-street and our own Government?

I completely agree. Earmarks have destroyed all credibility to the supposed "Bailout Plan". Taxes are going to rise as a result, and Americans will not any difference for years to come. What should have happened is to allow the Economy to fail and recover. What was created was a false economy, .. it's a numbers game where banks overextended credit, encouraged by big Government. Only 10% of homeowners were actually affected. I do not understand that a business can become so huge, as to affect our economy. I thought, like small businesses that if you failed during the first years, that was your own risk.

AIG invested (as well as other banks) in real estate. They put all their eggs in one basket. This bailout plan is 465 pages long, and has the stupidest earmarks I've ever seen included in it.


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