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If a person defaults on a home loan, why do they have to give the bank their home

If you borrow money from a bank which borrowed it from the federal Reserve which made it out of nothing with no Gold backing or backing of anything at all, why does the Federal Reserve demand Real Collateral for a fiat currency?

very good question.. I think I know the answer. but not here.


Every dollar bill (instead of now being backed by gold) is considered a "share" of the national wealth, owning "stock" in the shared value of America. Should any of us take more than our share? If you have your house, ..and I buy EVERY OTHER HOUSE IN AMERICA, ..and then we both declare bankruptcy, should I keep 34,999 million homes, while you get to keep your one? ..and all the rest of the people have to make a swim for Cuba? ..maybe that is too complicated for you, ..but you may benefit from thinking about it when you have finished your "hatred" kata. Long live nihilism, (...but why??? LOL)


If you are referring to the 'home' as 'Real Collateral', any demand to surrender one's home does not come from the Federal Reserve. They loan money to the banks, who then loan the money to you, as you already pointed out. It would be your bank, not the Feds, that would pursue foreclosure. Or have I completely misunderstood your question.
I understand your point that money with no backing, is just worthless funny money. It's just a game we all play. But if the money has no worth, then what is purchased with it would also have to be of having no worth. Right?


Banks have the power backed by the government or perhaps backed by the ones who control the governments, in this imaginary world of financial values.

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