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If the Treasury buys stakes in banks, do any profits get nationalized

While the taxpayers are taking the brunt of losses in the private Banking sector, is the converse true that profits will be distributed publicly to the ratio of the Governments stake in the Banks?

Citizens will see nothing good of this move for Nations to taker over banks... The wealthy will proper and the working and poor will suffer and carry the debt. Iceland has already taken over their banks as their currency was devalued 30 % in just a few days. The IMF is taking about coming in to straighten out the problem... Sounds like the New World Order taking over as planned for many years.... This is a move toward a global currency controlled by the rich few. Not even the criminals will be about to deal in cash once this happens... The only criminals with power will be the one's who run the multi-nationals, sit on the Boards of these International Orgs, and sit in the governments and have convinced the citizen of their respectability.....


I second that.


Let's replace the word 'taxpayers' with the word 'people'. With a few exceptions, all the people are taxpayers; including our government officials.

I read a lot about people complaining about our national debt. Well, if the debt is ours, would not any profits made by the government sharing in the banking system also be ours? I assume any profits would go to the treasury --- our treasury.


with every american already owing 30.000. I can't perceive any profits.


Don't hold your breath.

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