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Budweiser... No longer American owned. What are your thoughts?

Budweiser was bought by a foreign company, and no longer American owned. Many people protested this buyout, and feel this is foreign takeover of America's economy... Do you agree or disagree?

I agree fully.


So you are a St Louie girl.....

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Why didn't the employees and the union and the local and state officials buy the plant?


People pee in the water, no mater what country they are from.


Maybe Budweiser will begin to taste like real beer now.


If they make an inferior product, does it really matter who owns them?


If it improves their product then it should be welcomed.


Pisser, huh?

Nat*lee 24/7:

They are leaders in the Free Market World. The rest of America will soon be no longer American Owned! We're all gunna work for foreigners!


Don't care! don't like drinking bath water!!


well, i've been buying budweiser for several years and i still buy still tastes great so it doesn't really matter to me who owns it since it is still brewed in canada also, so im getting fresh beer all the time. all that should matter is that the consumer is getting a good beer. so far, they're fulfilling that requirement


isn't that up to the Budweiser Corporation what they do with their company? you can't stop private enterprise from being can't stop private enterprise from selling...that's why its PRIVATE.

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