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Does cigarette smoke have a noticeable effect on the pollution in our air?

What percentage would it pollution production decrease if everyone quit smoking?

This carcinogen is very low on dangerously affecting us. Sucking on a tail-pipe, now, is really a greater problem. Only thing, we choose to tolerate one and not the other...not for it's higher risk factor though. It is all about selfish annoyance priorities.

Born Fool:

Compared to all the other crap we put in the air cigarettes are minimal, not even worth mentioning as a percentage of one percent by tonnage.


very true.


Like if your in a room sure, but outside I doubt it, in comparison.


smoke goes up but when it rains it will come down to.


40%=Air would be cleaner-people would be anxious and nervous and lots out of work.


its funny... these nut jobs where i live... kansas... are actually pushing for a bill to ban public smoking... they say its for the health of everyone...

 yet last week approved a measure to allow coal burning station for electric power...

if everyone quit smoking... you wouldnt even tell the gauge moved...

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