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Is turning corn into ethanol during while global starvation increases a good idea?

More areas and countries are turning to corn as a cash cow, plowing under existing crops thanks in part to government subsidies. And the cost of a gallon of ethanol fuel uses more natural resources to make than other fuels. Is corn still the answer?
Shirley a walsborn:

Are you a Pabst fan, pbbarr?


No, I don't believe it a good idea-
It takes so much corn to do this. And the corn can/should be used where needed far worse.
And it has not Lowered our consumption of gas.

I am happy for the corn farmers though! lol


Hey, I just want my chips with salsa!


That's a good question. And I think the answer is out there. I haven't done any research whatsoever, but really is corn the answer at all? What about solar power? Wind power? All those answers have been around for so long and it just seems most people choose to ignore that. I guess it's kinda like eating healthy, you know the benefits outweigh the risks and in the long run it's MUCH better for everyone, and yet, we continue consume "junk" food. I guess in short, No, corn is not the answer. Thanks for getting my brain started this morning! (*=


That's like asking you, if you should continue to spend money on things you find pleasurable while people less fortunate are hungry and homeless in the US.


Yes , because the problem of hunger is access not supply. Biodiesel is superior to ethanol in every way.


That question has already been answered. We're making the ethanol aren't we?


But at what cost? Both to farm land, resources that it takes to make ethanol (gasoline and diesel to haul and make it) and government subsidy. Is it a boondoggle or an answer to a problem?

Shirley a walsborn:

It's a political stunt by the Bush admin. There's absolutely zero environmental analysis to support the merits of this decision. It's the guys in red ties trying to look green.


Corn is not the answer. If you want to help the environment, we should go back to riding donkeys & camels across the country.


Should the democrats get the presidency-we may be doing such things while mumbling the words "Allah Akbar."

Shirley a walsborn:

Hardly, Blade.


With the new taxes, many on fuel (gas, home, industry) to support all the proposed new entitlements, gasoline prices will drive inflation through the roof.

Shirley a walsborn:

It's not even entirely a hunger issue. The amount of energy and environmental harm done in cultivating, distilling and transporting the product exceeds prior energy sources.

Also, as a side note, the brewing, bread and grain industries are suffering from this now too. Farmers receive a government stipend for growing corn now, so the barley and wheat farmers that complimented the beer industry now grow corn for the pay increase. Expect to see a price rise for your favorite beer within a year or two.


Hey, tortilla prices are already going way up in Mexico due to the demand for corn in this country. Tequila is going to hurt next as they are ripping out the plants to plant the new cash cow... corn. And the impact on staples such as bread will soon be felt, along with other products such as breakfast cereals... and beef as cattle grain goes up too. It's an ugly cycle all master planned by Congress to save us.

Shirley a walsborn:

Another failed attempt that could've been prevented if they had only done their research and looked beyond the horizon...

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