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What is the estimated sum total of all the Sub Prime Mortgages


It is time the market got a little perspective on the scale of the subprime mess. It is not difficult to form an estimate of the scale of the real losses which are going to be uncovered, though by no means am I saying it is easy to get the estimate right. Here's one simple analysis to get to a figure: $700bn of loans written, of which 30% go into default over their remaining lives. Losses on each loan = 50% of principal. Total realised losses $105bn. Add in some loss for Alt-A loans : $600bn x 10% default x 30% principal loss = $18bn. Add in some credit card writeoffs linked to the types of people defaulting on their loans. You get the picture. Figures for the aggregate losses I have seen range from $70bn to $300bn. My guess is that the beancounters in 2020 will determine that the actual loss had been in the $100 to $150bn range. But it is largely irrelevant. It is what it will be. **EDIT Mar 08** How stupid was I in Nov 2007? Hands up idiotic covers it. Still, the thrust of the rest of this post is on point.


So, if the losses were determined to be in the 100bn to 150bn mark, why have the taxpayers given 700bn to the Financial sector?

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