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Sarkozy of France announced last night that the European Union is calling for a New Order of

the world's financial markets. France is the head of the EU right now. Sarkozy wants a complete realignment of capitalistic finance around the world. He has called the current crisis a product of American Capitalism gone wild and based more on speculation rather than actually economy. The EU states that modern economics that have been in place since the end of WWII does not work anymore. He calls for tighter restrictions and transparency and all G7 countries to get together to figure out what the new situation will be. It also looks like America will have to comply. What do you think about this? I say YES!!!!!!!!!!

Uppity, thats just plain mean. Sarkozy is right, american capitalism HAS gone wild. World history shows where capitalism eventually leads, it always sort of works for a while, then only works for a few. Capitalism is based on the human nature of greed. It's the 'demand' part of supply and demand that gets capitalism in the end.


I was expecting some nitwit to give such a comment. Thanks for proving me right, Uppity!


Blixa, I Agree with you,I don't just think the New World Order Will Soon Come, Be Here, I KNOW IT Because It Is BIBLE Prophecy and has to come.


They are not calling for the collapse of Capitalism. They are calling for changes in the way in which capitalism works. Thank you for your answer Tot! :)


Ah yes, that's the song that went through my head when I was listening to the story. What I like about this plan is the killing off of speculation that is what's killing the economies of our and several other nations.

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