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What was the Founding Fathers' position on the concept of inherited wealth?

Why did they feel that way?

Wasted away again in inheritance Ville...!!!


The link is very insiteful. I hope others take the time to read it, too. Thanks, Ze'.


Our Founding Fathers thought a great deal about the problem of inherited wealth. And many of them were dead set against it.
If the Founding Fathers had had their way, each generation would have been required to start from scratch. They envisioned their newly created nation as a muscular society in which each generation of citizens earned its own keep by the sweat of its own labor. Empowered by equal access to education and unfettered by caste or social standing, the strongest, wisest, most ambitious men would have blasted their way to the top in the brave new world the Founding Fathers tried to design, while the weak and the stupid would have plunged to the bottom.
Granted, the Founding Fathers talked a better game than they delivered. To preserve the illusion of the innate superiority of the white, Anglo-Saxon male, they did everything they could to keep from competing fairly with women, Africans, Asians, Native Americans, Eastern Europeans, or anyone else who might come along.
Still, they had read and endorsed Adam Smith, who argued in The Wealth of Nations that the social welfare of strong societies should be placed in the hands of the most competent. Later, Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species (1859) seemed to give the weight of science to the view that the best and the brightest rise to the top through hard work and competition.
And so, I imagine the Founding Fathers would be just a little bit saddened to see the sons of their grandsons' sons--as decadent and pampered a class of privileged aristocrats as anything produced by Old Europe--fighting so hard to eliminate the inheritance tax.


Best answer Lisa. Well, the only real answer anyway.


Yes, it's a good answer, but when I Googled it I found that it is verbatim from this article in the Baltimore City Paper. Here is the source so proper credit is given where credit is due:


..!! I'd love to take the bait, but I know, I don't know the answer!!...
I'll check back , gotta go to a game and read up some...!!!
there is a bikini contest on the beachfront too...!!!
Oh worry worry...!!!

Ze'_One n Only Ze'..!!!


Hi, Ze'. Enjoy the game and your reading. Cool about the binkini contest. No doubt there will be plenty of buff guys checking out the girls flaunting their wares for the first place "honor". Eye candy for all ... sounds like a win/win.

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