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How did The Great Depression end?

Some people think we are heading for another. If so, will it end like the other one did?

I agree with Linda (LISA-007i) that FDR implemented many social and economic programs, and while this did help it did not end the depression. The depression was ended with the beginning of WWII which created many jobs not only serving in the various branches of the service but also fulfilling defense contracts at home as well.


However, I don't recommend a world war to alleviate the very slight recession we've started to experience here in the US.


Linda, you are pretty sharp. It was World War II that "ended" the Depression. Maybe you should consider going into politics.


Thanks Sam, but I'd never make it as a politician... I don't lie well enough.
If I went in there telling everyone up front I was going to make it to where the US would quit making cars that run on gas and those companies producing vehicles running on alternative fuels would have to pay no taxes the first year in business and that all cars imported would have to run on alternative fuels the current politicians, oil companies and car manufacturers would plant me next to Hoffa! I wouldn't even get to the part about what I'd do with the power companies!


The depression produced lasting effects on the United States that are still apparent more than half a century after it ended. It led to the election of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who created the programs known as the New Deal to overcome the effects of the Great Depression. These programs expanded government intervention into new areas of social and economic concerns and created social-assistance measures on the national level. The Great Depression fundamentally changed the relationship between the government and the people, who came to expect and accept a larger federal role in their lives and the economy.


I thought I copied this link in here once already but I don't see it:​united_states.html

Its a reference for the cut and paste. I think credit should always be given to the author.

No offence Linda. Your answers provide much needed information and I'm thankful for them.


FDR did institute many beneficial programs to help the nation facing the Great Depression of 1929. Some historians have a theory that it was World War 2 and our entrance into it, that actually put the country back on its' fiscal feet. Many new industries sprang up and were busy building up for the war effort.


Some might think it was the New Deal, but it was WWII that ended the great depression.


It ran out of money and could not continue.


with great rejoice!... people no longer had to ration out their food!...

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