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What would you do now to improve the economy in America ?


In prior perilous times President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the "New Deal" . Americal needs a "New Deal" equivalent to meet the current economic crisis . Such a program would encapsulate a series of government sponsored programs designed to promote business and provide jobs for the unemployed. The following are examples of a program::

Rebuild and update continental United States passenger rail systems to state of the art level of the systems in Europe and Asia. Ultra fast rail systems have tremendous long term economic They are expensive to build. but not as expensive as waging war in Irag,
Very often it takes a crisis like this to encourage American inginuity to meet a specific challenge or challenges. We can use this crisis to subsidize businesses that develope technolgies and products that goverhelp to make the country energy independent. We can use the government to assist in the manufacture and distribution of "green" products like we did in World War II. We can do all these things and more...
One of the presidential candidates has captured this idea in his campaign.
He says. "Yes we can..."..
"Yes we can..."


Yes we will, why dont you answer the question so that i can vote for you ?


America needs to (re)learn saving and not spend more than earnings. Growth from borrowing and spending on credit are wrong. It puts the nation in bankruptcy.
Savings can be improved by cutting spending on imported goods and energy. This is not done by policy. This is done by public's sincere involvement. There should be an all out mobilization to curtail demand on foreign goods.
America should first preserve national identity and production before focusing on Nature and environment. Few decades down the road the environment and Nature will still be there but national pride, identity and production will be long extinct.


Very well put the US should aspire to those stated goals. The trade deficit is way out of balance as you also stated. Great starting place we do need change in the next administration.

Doctor Woot:

I would rescind the Nafta Act. it did not create a single job in the US, created a great job loss in America. Second I would secure our borders, and stop the flow of Illegal immigration


I agree with you on both points, BTW the Nafta thingy, was a Clinton era goof.


Take OBAMA and drop him off in IRAN!!


He just might be able to avoid war and that would be all good Hank !


get rid of the people in washington


cut the income tax rate. decrease the capital gains tax and do away with the inheritence tax.


Im with you on that !


Stop all illegal's, improve health care but not at the risk of others, leave us some tax deductions for our income taxes, improve education, slowly but surely to bring all our troops safely home some day soon!


He's right on that those !

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