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Why is the U.S. economy in bad shape? What do we have that they don't?

Cutting marginal tax rates can also be perceived as primarily beneficial to the wealthy, which commentators such as Paul Krugman see as politically rather than economically motivated.Quoted from:

Too much money concentrated into too few hands.
Year after year budget deficits.
A national debt that takes money from government to pay the interest on the debt.
A commercial sector that is focused on short term goals (next quarters profits) instead of long range plans.
An administration that ignores the basic laws of economics.


Best answer!!

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

Hang on a second. Didn't you watch the Hillary interview on Stephanopolous' show? Where he asked why she was sticking to the tax holiday plan when almost all economists thought it could never work? Her response was that economists were just elitists and didn't understand how things really work as well as she does.


It is in bad shape because we allow the usurption of government.


sooooooo true


What? Our government is a big reason for the failure of our economy.


you realize krugman is a communist don't you. And works for the most liberal and failing newspaper in the US. If this economy is in bad shape I hope it never ends. I've grown my business from 1 employee to 56 in 10 months. We will buy rehab and sell 150 homes this year. I made $600 thousand in the stock market last year. I hope this never ends. We have low unemployment so to get good carpenters I give a starting pay of $30 an hour.


RICK. If you had bothered to watch the stock market today, you may have noticed that the non-farm payroll report was dismissed as being fictitious. It reported job growth in finance, real estate and construction. The market was initially up 120 on the DOW and when analysts on CNBC asked what happened, they were told the report was unbelievable. The last time it happened in February, I looked up the statistics from the labor department. Here is a copy:

Notice the percentage of the population in the labor force increased constantly until the last four years of the Clinton administration. As soon as Bush entered office the percentage dropped from 67.1% to 66.0% in four years. The only reason the unemployment rate is low is that people are counted as not being in the work force. There is no reasonable reason for them leaving. When I check the unemployment rate in February, I adjusted it to the 67.1% figure and came up with an unemployment rate of 6.8%. The Bush administration has been cooking the books from the beginning and the rates will become obvious when he leaves office and the people included in the work force returns to the pre-administration days of accountability.

The fact is that the stock market during Bush's time in office hasn't kept pace with the Eurodollar. So the next time you see a President proposing budgets that are this underfunded in a country with such a large trade deficit, don't waste your time risking your money in the stock market. Just invest in foreign currencies of countries that don't behave that way.

Here is a GDP link so you can compare: I guess I along with all my friends and all my employees are optomists. Perhaps the economy isn't as great as it once was but for me it is wonderful

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