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Did know what Obama the Goofball said a couple weeks ago?

He said he was lowering taxes for the poor people. What races are majority poor, what do they buy, after buying it what happens (again)? But if we lower taxes for the rich people, they can invest it into great things. Wal-Mart can lower prices so the poor people can afford it. If Microsoft has enough money (as planned) a new version of Windows comes out and prices get lower of those items. If the poor people get more money more drugs will be bought and be broke again and prices will go up higher. Do we want this to happen? Is it just me or does Obama need to go? What's Black church? NAACP AND "Black church", makes Black church sound like it's a company of sponsorships with more goofballs. Who agrees with me on this?

Capitalism. Man. Don't like it? Oh well.

The vast majority will ALWAYS be on the bottom. The vast majority will ALWAYS sacrifice the most, usually for the profit of the upper-class.

Who do you think buys drugs? The only ones who can afford it: wealthy people. Poor people are too busy working; paying rent; worrying about gas; worrying about food. Walmart pays people in other countries to make stuff for the USA, for much less. People sit on their asses for 12+ hours a day making stuff for fatass Americans who want "cheap" things.

If poor people get more money, nothing will change. Poor people (us) are relatively incompetent with money. We buy things we never use, nor need. We use the terms "want" and "need" like they are the same things - when they are not. We are constantly made to want more by companies that have surpluses of stuff just waiting to be sold. We are constantly made to be dissatisfied.

What is it with the anti-Obama crap here? CHANGE is good, people, god damnit!


Are you that dumb that you think that only poor people use drugs. George Bush was a cocaine addict. And rich people don't invest in Wal-Mart. They invest in oil companies. Guess who buys their products. And there are just as many poor white families. WAKE UP.


What happens when addiction occurs? More money goes into more drugs and more addiction is caused. Is this how we want it? Obama is the last thing I want besides Jermiah WWRONG.


What makes you think that ONLY poor people use drugs. Bush used Cocaine. Elvis used every drug he could get. Your argument doesn't make any sense.


But losing money is a whole...nothay...storay.


i do! i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are now my bestest friend :)


yabba dabba!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lowering taxes for poor people isn't the solution however lowering taxes on mandatory products (food, milk), the cost of the production process, and their producers within well defined set of rules to enforce producers to decrease the prices; That will guaranty that poor people will be able to afford their living.


I dunno what you just said sounded correct and now your my best friend also :)


I knew you were a little out there but man the video was a pure fabrication and total lies. I would not even vote for Barrack Obama if I was stupid enough to believe the video.


The fact that poor tend to spend all their money is why you want them to have it.

Just like Bush's stimulus package, its intent is for you the spean the $300 or what ever money you get get because this feeds the economy.

Meanwhile the rich just get Richer because they don't spend and they don't increase your pay rate as the company makes higher profits. Even Engineers have to be concerned with their jobs being farmed out to India and China.

And although some of the rich may pay more tax in terms of actual amount paid, they NORMALLY DO NOT PAY more tax in terms of percentage of income.


And look at this dumb ish you wrote here, as long as it is all white it is all right, right ?
People like you want nothing more than war hatred and racism.

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