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Can you offer me an unbias opinion about this?

Now that we, barring any amazing recounts, know who the next pres. is, I had a thought:I was watching CBS news, and they showed Rev. Jesse Jackson. He was overwhelmed, crying. I took it as he was pleased with Obama's victory. I think a lot of people feel the same way, bursting with joy at the results. I'm happy for them.I am saddened though. I fear the next four years are going to be very difficult for all of us. We are in an economic spiral that will not correct itself overnight. The man in office for the next four years will have to work VERY hard to simply keep things from getting worse. Obama has a great challenge ahead of him.I am wondering if it was the right time for our first African American president. Many.........ah..........shall we say short sighted people.......will blame Obama for the state of the economics. It will take great decision making to just do some damage control. Its like Obama is starting the race a lap behind. Wish he could have a better opportunity.

He will take it one day at a time. It took eight years to put us in this pit and it will take a long time to get us out of this mess. Everybody knows Obama did not create this mess, but yes he will get blamed anyway. As far as the timing and the challenge, he is up to the job. Just be patient because it will be hard. He is a smart man (graduated top of his Harvard class) and he will surround himself with smart people.


Yeah. If he does nothing more than stop the landslide and do some damage control..............he will make me change my mind about being apolitical and I will vote for him to have a second term. No good just being in long enough to clean up Bush's mess. Not fair for the republicans to go back in after things are cleaned up for them.


President Obama will work wirh both sides of the aisle to deal with these immediate economic and other national problems...and set up a means of resolving them both short term and long term. He will use all of his talents to win for this country just as he won this election, really big. His demeanor will serve to make us all relax while he does his thing for us and our country.


I hope you are right. I am confident McCain would have made things worse. I like that Obama won. I think the people, despite the pouting by some forum members here, are going to rally around Obama. Finally, a president who is good for more than being an easy target for Late Night Talk show jokes.


He can only play the cards he is or russian roulette......let the games begin!


Yeah, he is brave for entering the office right now. It is practically a no win situation. If he can right the ship somehow though..........then he is genious.


He is going to have a great battle to fight and if he dont win all the blame will be laid on him


Yeah. Thats a shame. Bush leaves him a mess and he gets the blame. I still say Bush being gone is addition by subtraction, so things are already getting better.


He will not be blamed for anything. the media adores him. The ones that don't, will be banned like the 3 seats on his plane for reporters that worked for newspaperas that supported McCain. Even if he fulfills his promise to bankrupt the coal and automobile companies, it will not be seen as his fault.

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