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What are your thoughts on Gobal Currency?

There has been speculation in the last couple of months that 'we' (the world) would be better off with a Global Currency. Right now, most global markets are based off of the top three, Dollar, Euro and Yen. What would happen if we just joined them into one currency, some refer to it as the DEY. Would it work? Would it fail? Why? And if Waldo doesn't want to be found, why doesn't he change that stupid shirt?

You left one very important one real-estate outside our country is a very good investment.


According to some of what I read, intrest rates could still be different in different parts of the world. So in essence, real-estate could still profit, land could still be worth more in Europe than in South Jersey. Look:
With one currency, there can only be one interest rate.[citation needed] This is not true - government bond spreads in the Eurozone show e.g. Greece 100bps above Germany. This results in rendering each present currency area unable to choose the interest rate which suits its economy best. If, for example, the European Union were to have an economic boom while the United States slumped into a depression, this period would be eased[citation needed] if each could choose (whether by market forces or by fiat) the interest rate which best fitted its needs — in this case, a relatively high interest rate in the former, and a relatively low one in the latter.


Can ya tell I'm cutting and pasting? It would take me forever to type this junk.


how would we determine the actual value of a dollar?


I'm not all that certain it's based on anything but ones and zeros now, look at what i found:

Digital gold currency (or DGC) is a form of electronic money based on ounces of gold. It is a kind of representative money, like a paper gold certificate at the time (prior to 1933) that these were exchangeable for gold on demand. The typical unit of account for such currency is the gold gram or the troy ounce, although other units such as the gold dinar are sometimes used. DGCs are backed by gold through unallocated or allocated gold storage.
Digital gold currencies are issued by a number of companies, each of which provides a system that enables users to pay each other in units that hold the same value as gold bullion. These competing providers issue independent currency, which normally carries the same name as their company. In terms of the most popular providers, e-gold has the greatest number of users and GoldMoney holds the greatest quantity of bullion (as of January 2007[update]).


OMG If this happens I guarantee I'll be "taken" on a daily basis


Improve your computer hacking skills, maybe you'll come out on top.


It is going to happen. The Dollar is on its way out as the currency of the world. The world has lost faith and trust in our currency as a result of the mess.
It happened to the British in the 1930's, now its America's turn.


Global currency, global economics, global government. It will probably all be here eventually. can you imagine how many rebellions there will be? There are always anarchist and conspiracy theorist. Maybe a new world order wouldn't be so bad. It isn't like there is going to be an emperor.

Queen Mabds:

We would need to combine our gold


Yep, do you think they would reset the inflation rate at zero. So that one Dollar or DEY is actually worth that amount of gold?


I'll take it if they giving it away!!!!!!! LOL LOL no oh well>>>>>>>>>>>


How hard could it be to counterfiet? We could design our own...that gives me an Idea!

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