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With the current price of oil, has the incidence of petrol sniffing decreased?

Now that petrol is so expensive, are people who previously sniffed petrol now turning to other drugs? Are people firebombing less too?

I think you are right there Kannonland. What about firebombing? Do you think people aren't using Molotov cocktails as much anymore?

Home grown:

no probably on the increase do to all the illegal siphoning of gas --lol


You might be right there.


I don't know, sounds like a federal study ought to be done. Why don't you submit your study plans to the government and acquire a 100,000.00 grant to study if this is happening?


I'm no statistician, but I may recommend it to the Census office. It could be an important factor in government spending on drug education.


At this price i don't think so, cause a Molotov cocktail can be made very easily from easily accessible materials. So if an individual is determined to firebomb someone then Molotov cocktails are more likely to used cause other incendiary or high explosives are generally restricted, so the only option for an individual who wants to do harm would be firebombing with Molotov cocktails.


not to mention petrol sniffing your only breathing in the vapour so 1 litre will last you for awhile.


i don't think petrol cost is a big factor right now in decreasing petrol sniffing.
and you don't need a car tank full of petrol to get you 'high'. (this is where it adds up).
1 litre is more than enough to get you 'high' and it will only cost you around $AUD1.5ish per litre.
compare that to other things, bottled water your looking at around $2 for 600ml.
im sure alcohol cost way more than that. (i don't drink so i don't know the figures)
and people nowadays are drinking more alcohol.
and if you buy drugs on the streets im sure thats going to cost you way more than petrol.
so i think petrol is still probably the cheapest compare to other things.
so therefore i don't think petrol sniffing has decreased yet. even if it decreased right now i think it would most likely be the result of other factors rather than petrol cost.

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