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Could this be the answer to the price of a barrel of oil?

If a barrel of oil costs $120, why not simply charge $240 for a bushel of exported wheat? They raise the price, wheat triples in price. Fair? Or let them eat sand?

i think the farmers would go for that


Then the government would figure out some new way to tax their gross profits and put them out of business. It's an ugly cycle.


That's one possible solution, but I still feel that we need to move away from a dependence on foreign resources as quickly as we can. i remember the 70's when we had gas rationing and the national speed limit was lowered to 55 (we saved fuel and lives with that one). I think we should return to the 55 limit, impose additional federal taxes on gas guzzling vehicle sales, and impose a federal charge added to all speed violations cited. the extra taxes and fees would subsidize energy research and offset the cost of imported energy sources.


70% of existing oil comes from overseas. Without it, America (and much of the world depends on our food) comes to a halt. No trucks, no shipping etc. And what is going to replace oil? The Band-Aids of the past aren't the long term answers. Alternative energy for the most part, is a pipe dream. Yes, it should be researched, but as of yet, it's far from reality.

Brian P. O'Gorman:

Get out of my head!!! I was thinking about this this weekend. We are the breadbasket of the world, why not make them pay a premium as they do to us? I think you're onto something here. Can you imagine the ads we'd see about that. It wouldn't take long before people said we were starving children to death.


Supply and demand. SImple huh?

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