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why did the atlantic slave trade happen

Witness of jesus:

Hi redman, Welcome to QnA! :)
The association between Africa and slavery emerged in the fifteenth century. It was then that ship design made it possible for sailors from the Mediterranean to make long journeys down the coast of Africa and ultimately across the Atlantic. The slave trade was shaped and driven by commercial forces of profit and new patterns of consumption.


Because the African chiefs were out to make a buck (they were the ones who sold the slaves).


Speculation by the shamers.


Please don't try to lie or deny. Check into it an you will find that is 100% true. The African chiefs SOLD THEM. Blacks are responsible for their own slavery.


When the Europeans slaves rebel, they turn on to atlantic root for Africans.


And just how did they manage to bring them back to their own countries? THEY BOUGHT THEM FROM THE BLACK AFRICAN CHIEFS.


the dutch were the first to buy or capture slaves from Africa then it spread!!

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