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can you tell me why the Unions don't seem to be as popular in the 21st century as were in the 20th?


Because they have stolen millions of hard workers money and given them nothing in return.


Unions were needed in the last century. Every major industry you could name treated employees like disposable tools. Unions contract demands especially in work rules and continued employment began moving into the realm of the twilight zone during the last 40 to 50 years while government intrusion into workplace regulation added a layer of demands once partially occupied by unions. In general unions have failed to realize the stockholders demands for profit would create the "send the job offshore" market that renders a union powerless.


The Government has taken the role. Government is getting too big.


i have NO idea!..... but my opinion is that the companies make off way better by hiring people thru temp services, then they dont have to give benefits and keep all the money in their pockets!..


Unions are anti employer. So many of them can shut down a work place simply because someone thinks they are not making enough. This may not be the answer however I believe they are weaker because they work so hard against capitalism.

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