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I think the last question I said of, Will we be on top? was not put correctly so I put it in a different format that I think is a little bit more fitting.

Please define "we".


Meaning we the people of America

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

The USA will be the most powerful nation on Earth......Financially....Militarily....Technologically. Not much will change in 25 years in these regards..........


Yes that would be a dream man will always be competitive and have a want to be better than the other. For good or for worse it is why we are where we are. Utopia does not exist and for it to exist would men taking the one thing that separates us from the animals clear thought and emotion. Take away emotion then you will have your "utopia"


Oh! the old take over the world ploy huh !! good luck if there's anything left

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

It seems like ages ago that I did my first ever college paper during my freshman year as part of a summer seminar session in political science. My paper was about Early American-Russian Relations. I become interested in that topic after reading books that romanced the naval exploits of John Paul Jones during the Revolutionary War period and the rumored love affair he had with Cathrine the Great of Russian. During my research, I ran across the name of Stephen Sayre who was among the leaders in support of America's position in world trade. After an extensive tour of England and the Baltic region Sayrereturned to the U.S. and reported his findings to the First Continental Congress. I surprised by one of his predictions --- that the three most powerful nations of the world will be the United State, Russia and China, by virtue of their vast resources, population and access to the sea lanes for world trade. I can see this prediction emerging today as both China and Russia are emerging to join us as the dominate powers in the world.


why this obsession with being in a position of power? so that america can impose on other countries with no connection whatsoever to america, rules or requests that america only will benefit from?

i'm sorry, but america is not the queen of the world... it should have as much power as vatican city, the smallest state in the world, has... no more no less... in that way, everyone can live and let live. no need to impose on others. heh then maybe wars will cease, if that is even possible.... wait, wouldnt that be a dream if it happened?!?

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