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What is communism?

ive never understood it :S
Literally Speaking ™:

Short answer, you make $50,000/yr and I make $10,000/yr, communism says you should give me $20,000 dollars of YOUR $$ so that we all have the same amount.


Communism, a theory and system of social and political organization that was a major force in world politics for much of the 20th century. As a political movement, communism sought to overthrow capitalism through a workers’ revolution and establish a system in which property is owned by the community as a whole rather than by individuals. In theory, communism would create a classless society of abundance and freedom, in which all people enjoy equal social and economic status. In practice, communist regimes have taken the form of coercive, authoritarian governments that cared little for the plight of the working class and sought above all else to preserve their own hold on power.
The idea of a society based on common ownership of property and wealth stretches far back in Western thought. In its modern form, communism grew out of the socialist movement of 19th-century Europe (see Socialism). At that time, Europe was undergoing rapid industrialization and social change. As the Industrial Revolution advanced, socialist critics blamed capitalism for creating a new class of poor, urban factory workers who labored under harsh conditions, and for widening the gulf between rich and poor. Foremost among these critics were the German philosopher Karl Marx and his associate Friedrich Engels. Like other socialists, they sought an end to capitalism and the exploitation of workers. But whereas some reformers favored peaceful, longer-term social transformation, Marx and Engels believed that violent revolution was all but inevitable; in fact, they thought it was predicted by the scientific laws of history. They called their theory “scientific socialism,” or communism. In the last half of the 19th century the terms socialism and communism were often used interchangeably. However, Marx and Engels came to see socialism as merely an intermediate stage of society in which most industry and property were owned in common but some class differences remained. The

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Long answer^


Kitty Garr:

Communism is the complete control of the market, economy, and lives of the people by the government. In theory, it is perfect because everyone is equal and every aspect of life is taken care of. In practice however, it has never worked. People are independent by nature, so it is vastly disliked by the modern developed world. It stifles innovation.

Picture this: A teacher asked you to write an essay, and no matter how good or poor you do, you will get a C. Even if it was good, you wouldn't get an A, and if it was bad, you wouldn't get an F. Would you work hard on that essay? No, of course not.

Now apply that concept to the economy. Jobs, money, income, production, quotas; everything is regulated. It stifles true production and innovation because everything is taken care of by the government. And the government is corrupt because it has such power. That's communism. In capitalism, you have competition and incentives to innovate and produce, which leads to a wealthier and overall better population. That's why I like my hosptials to compete for me. Government control of medicine and hospitals is bad because they no longer compete and strive to be the best. Beware the Democrats and Socialists, who want gov't control of the medical industry.

In China, the government is trying to introduce capitalism while still remaining communist. This will never work, because they are conflicting ideas. Sometime in the future, China will either regress back to communism or progress toward capitalism. They cannot remain in the middle for long.

In short, communism is an idea that is perfect on paper but has never been successful in real life.

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Good answer!! :-)


I would consult a dictionary or other on-line encylopedia before considering the opinions of others here on QnA:

Literally Speaking ™:

That don't even come close to the definition, my answer was not opinion it was FACT, I told the short story, Lisa countered with the long story and Mike also produced an even more detailed description of communism.


I apologize. My intent was to give a strict by the book definition first before getting into lengthy descriptions and examples.
I am sorry to have failed you.
Mea Culpa


Some how, I knew I would get this reaction.


Communism is a system that purports to explain every aspect of society in terms of the struggle of the workers to control the means of production.

All you have to really know is that it is a matter of Dogma that this will explain EVERYTHING, & that it is INFALLIBLE... once you understand this, then it will become apparent that Communism simply cannot deliver what it promises.


..& the difference between Communism & Capitalism is that under Communism, Man exploits Man, whereas under Capitalism, it's the other way round...


Sorry, I don't know what I was thinking... my answer re Communism was in fact relating to Marxism...


Everyone wears too small of shoes because they have feet .

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Communism is a socialist form of government in which the state is the sole owner of all property and industry. The Communist Party is the only political party allowed. The party and the government are virtually the same. The government is run by a committee chosen by its members and the committee chooses its head of state, who with the committee has soul power. Local governments also are run by committees elected by local members of the party. Citizens have limited rights and freedoms and in theory the goverment provides all basic services at no costs to its citizens. Opposition to local and national rule is prohibitted and punishable with inprisonment. Social groups, such as religious organizations and private agencies, are banned unless sanctioned by the Communist Party and government,


It is the most depraved social system, responsible for the deaths of literally 100s of millions of innocent people. Those who survive exist as virtual slaves. It is a product of envy and jealously, and is corrupt in ALL real world examples, and has never thrived without death squads protecting it. Creedence of any kind to Communism is very misguided.

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