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Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!

Do facts change minds? Or are minds already made up?"

Perhaps my question should be "What can cause you to change your mind?" But actually my purpose is not to change minds whenever I find questions and answers on Q&A that seem to me to be unsupported by the facts or misrepresented, I do some research and if I come across factual material to support an answer I usually cite my reference as being a "fact." However, my intention is not to change minds, but rather to "set the record straight," because I believe that for most people their minds are already made up, Do you agree?
One Twisted Child:

If someone can present me with credible, factual evidence to prove me wrong, I have no choice but to reevaluate my position. You have to keep an open mind, be willing to listen to opposing viewpoints, as well as facts that do not fit your opinion, in order to grow as an individual.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

It's always a pleasure to read your answers because I believe they are sincere after you took my ego down a peg or two for over assuming your motives.


B/A from me Twisted---good job:)


Good point. There is a difference between; stubbornness and confidence that one's opinion is actually "true".

People do not like being proven "wrong"....and many do perceive "facts" that are not what they thought to be true as an attack on them personally. When it is simply what "really happened".

We all have an uncanny ability to morph and twist objective facts into subjective truths based on our own individual perceptions. Many issues get clouded with people using facts and wording them in such a way to prove THEIR point.

Minds do get made up....and arrogance and ego get in the way of "enlightenment" more often than not.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Thanks for your observation. You hit the nail right on the head --- "arrogance and ego." You are so right about people being so defensive to criticism. Many people take criticism too personal and do not understand its value. As a reporter early in my career, every thing I wrote went through a copy editor or managing editor's desk. I realized that grammatical, spelling and typing errors were fair game, but the first time my editor tossed a news story back to me with notes along the margins I got in a big huff of indignation. "What's wrong this?" I asked. " Read the notes," he snapped backed, and then sensing my busted ego, he said, "If I didn't like the story I could have just torn it up and tossed it. But I think it can be improved if you just write it from a different perspective." I got the message. "If something you do is worthy of criticism, it has value. Otherwise it's simple not worth even a comment.


I don't agree. And I don't mind being wrong. It has been awhile since I have interacted on QnA, but I believe that most people come here to learn something, I do. Right or wrong, I love reading the ideas and opinions people express.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Perhaps your right in agreeing with my observation about "most people." Usually the facts that I offer to support those assumptions are the results of polling. For instance, while many people say they again abortion they still contend that it's personal right of a women to make a choice, despite the fact that abortion kills human life. I do agree that facts help us learn and to me that's also the most important thing I get from QnA participation. So thanks for your thoughtful observation.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Thanks for your answer. Your example of abortion rights vs pro-life is exactly one of the things that led to my conclusions. I sometimes think that you can you often tell when facts do change minds. That when, after presenting your facts the person responds, sort of humbly, "Oh, I never knew that" or "Where did you get you information?" In otherwords, they have no immediate rebuttal to what you have fact presented.


One of the reasons salesmen make so much money is that they have one of the hardest tasks in human relationships--moving people out of a comfort zone. Minds that are "made up" can be changed, but often with much difficulty. Facts, in and of themselves, are usually not enough to change minds, because "facts" can frequently be molded to appear to be what they actually are not. People need a practical reason to change their mind, whether it is something as simple as an appreciation of and the ability to discern "the truth", for its own sake (an unfortunately an all too rare situation) or a realization that accepting the facts would put the person in a more advantageous position than sticking with the former "facts". A mind is a terrible thing to waste and an even more difficult thing to change.. Be blessed

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Great point, but let's not forget that not every salesman has that difficult of a task. In most cases the consumers' minds are already made up, having been preconditioned by advertising that more often is just hyperbole or the use of facts in some distorted way. Perhaps even more to your point is the ability of the salesman to focus on what the consumer wants to hear not necessarily the facts. Hasn't the home mortgage crisis demonstrated that ? Consumer are often so gullible that they overlook the small print (the real facts) when the salesman hands them the pen and says, "Just sign here.!" I'm sure this has happened to you. I know it happens to me.


I differentiate salesmen from order takers. Anybody can follow up on a preconditioned lead to simply take the order which has been presold by another marketer. The true salesman is illustrated in the story of two "salesmen" who went west to sell shoes. The first writes back to his wife, "I'm coming home they don't even wear shoes in this town." The second writes back to his wife, "Honey, I'm staying here for a while, they don't even wear shoes in this town" Same words, but not the same statement. Same title, salesman, but only one truly is.


Most people make decisions, and make up thier minds emotionally based upon thier own biases, experiences, and expectations and then seek only those facts that support that decision. We would all be better off if we could step back from our emotions and seek the facts, listen to both sides of an arguement, and make an informed decision.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Thanks for your comment. As a general observation that's so true. Many people seem to have a "comfort zone" and no matter what the facts are they do fit into that zone. I don't think it's a question of denying the facts, but rather it's "uncomfortable" to change your mind.


It depends on who your talking to. If you are talking to a liberal it's like talking to a child.


Showing me the facts on something does not necessary mean I will change my mind. Case in point. My sister in-law is pro life and I'm not pro life. She brought me stats on how abortion was done and how many abortion had been done since Roe vs. Wade. I am still pro choice and I believe in a woman'a right to choose.

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