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What was the highest unemployment rate under Reagan and his version of "trickle down" economics?

I seem to remember a time when the current unemployment rate was an example of improvement in a sluggish economy during the 1980's. Am I remembering correctly that at one time, under Reagan, the US had an 11% unemployment rate?

Nov & Dec, 1982: 10.8%​1992-01&submit1=Create+Report

Trickle down economics worked great for the supply side, but did nothing for the working class. The 'trickle' turned out to be nothing more than a drip.


Thank you.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

You shoulda tried the mafia, I hear they have a program similar to the union to make sure you get paid more than you are worth.


See the other answers for a bit of history. As we head for another recession, and some economists see a depression, I recall those days under Reagan rather well. I wasn't quite sure of the figure, but in not so good economic times, 6% is rather desirable for an unemployment figure.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

I looked this up and the results are very interesting. It looks like inflation has taken a major jump almost every time we change presidents. It is true that it went up to around 10.8 within a year of Reagan taking office, but also quickly dropped sharply to a low of 5% (down 2% from when he took office). It shot up again when Bush Sr took over, then dropped again over his tenure. Clinton didn't have that initial jump, but Bush Jr did in 2000 (presumably related to 9/11), but his unemployment numbers have been steadily dropping to historically low numbers too. Only recently has it begun to shoot up again just in time for a new president, continuing the trend.


Dear tg10is,
Yes, that was the national average, 11%. I was in college in Oregon, at the time, and the state average was 22%! Times were so hard. Real wages dropped under President Reagan. I offer this website as a reference.​64-2004%29 Trickle down economics were best described by George H.W. Bush when he called them "Voodoo Economics."


Yes, Dubya's daddy ridiculed those economic policies, and then his son embraced them. Consider his quote, "Some call you the elite, I call you my base".


Dear tg10is,
I didn't vote for father or son. I saw father at a rally in 1980 and thought he was a smart pants and couldn't bring myself to support him.


I don't think it has ever been that high. Most economist think 6% is leading toward a turndown. The swing in unemployment and economic growth are closely related, also The gross domestic product also has an effect. Trickle down economics is where companies are making money and are able to hire new people


Not sure but during that time I lost my job had to sell my business and my house and move to right to work state which has taken me 20 years to build up my income to what I was making before Reagan broke the unions.
He was President of the actors union before he was President of the USA.
it sure has taken a long time to trickle down.


Great answer ginger.

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