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In your opinion, how do illegal immigrants affect the economy (examples: Food supply, job numbers)?


Every American, every day, in some way or another incurs debt to the government. This debt is the result of the services the government provides like police, firefighters, postal workers, municipal employees and a whole host of others. We don't think of these things as debt but they are and we pay for them with our taxes. It is a large pool of money from which we all benefit, not always equally, but if the need should arise, because we pay taxes, it is there for us. Whenever someone comes into the country illegally they begin to incur the same debt as a citizensbut they don't pay any taxes. Often that debt is much higher due to a hospital stay or incarceration. Whatever it is the burden must be picked up by the taxpayer. At current, estimates are as high as thirty million illegals reside here, of those numbers only half of them work. If each one incurs a debt of one dollar a day that combined is thirty million dollars a day, a billion in just a little over a month. Most people don't know this and the government likes to make like it's not a big deal. It is a big deal, because of illegal immigration the quality of American citizens lives has gone down, we have become less safe and are exposed to many potential health issues. Our schools are over burdened and the quality of education has gone down. These immigrants don't practice birth control and reproduce large numbers of offspring who born on American soil become anchor children entitling their families to services like welfare, housing and medical all courtesy of the taxpayer. The argument that they come here to work means our tax dollars subsidize who ever they work for. Illegal immigration must and can be stopped. There must be no form of amnesty and children born here to illegals must be made illegal as well. There needs to be heavy penalties for those who hire them, if the jobs dry up they'll all go home,


Money. It costs to take care of folks that you did not agree to be responsible for.


it's a dbl. edged sword; They work so cheaply that americans lose out on jobs but , they work so cheaply they facilitate the affordability of a great many products ( i.e. Lettuce, houses, etc...)


Very very negatively. They are a drain on our national resources, and the next President Obama will deal with it in a effective long-term manner.


They help the economy. They are consumers, and low cost workers. They help the economy.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

Don't forget that they pay into social security with fake SSN accounts and never get a payout.


Good point...they are helping to keep the deficit from getting worse than it already is.

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