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Do you think Pelosi lost it for democrats on the bailout with her poison partisan speech?

There were republicans that did not want to vote for this bailout of Wall Street and John McCain changed their minds and brought them together to work on a plan that would benefit the tax payers, but after hearing Pelosi's ignorant partisan speech they said "forget it." The republicans worked just as hard on coming up with the proposed plan and Pelosi turned it into a political bashing of the Bush administration. The dems are majority in congress and if they feel this is so important then they should have asked Obama to talk to those 96 or 94 dems who voted no and Obama should have made a stand one way or the other. He still hadn't gave his answer as a yes or no for this proposed plan. Per usual, he probably would have voted "present."
Nat*lee 24/7:


Speaker Pelosi has a viperous mannerism and habit of taking cooperation by the Republicans and injecting hatred and hostility back into them whenever they try and compromise. On Monday September 29th she demonstrated how venomous she could be.

She out right called Republicans "Unpatriotic." (The public knows this is a lie!)

She Outright accused the Republicans as the sole reason that Wall Street and the economy is failing (the public knows this is a lie!)

She outright asserted that the only reason the "bailout" bill was not passed today was exclusively because of the Republicans (the record shows 95 Democrats voted against it when only 12 more votes would have passed it - Americans know she is lying!)

She outright asserted that the ONLY purpose for pushing this bill was to save George Bush! How magnanimous! (All Americans KNOW that was a lie!)

This Congress has a favorability rating of 19% at last count. The venom she spewed on sep 29th probably pushed that "favorability" rating even lower! I believe her target is between 10% and 15% before she is happy with herself. She is so unprofessional it begs the question as to why the Democrats even want her as their "speaker." I am embarrassed as an American to admit this woman's failures while holding such a responsible office in our govt.

Americans will soon have a new opportunity to turn this congress around. While I understand the passionate fervor behind the other "camp" I can only see America regaining its stature in the eyes of American citizens by having a reformer President and a reformer Vice-President who has willingly announced they will attack BOTH parties equally! They will veto any bill with earmarks. If an earmark has merits to be funded, let that earmark become its very own bill!



Did I tell you that I love you Today??
Well I do!
Great Job!


I agree


Im sorry but .................where does Obama come into this equation? or are you just obamabashin?

Gray wolf:

I think it is juvenile that if they were going to vote for the bailout because they felt it was good for the country but changed their mind because Pelosi said something they did not like.


i havent read any news today.


seems that the dems had their 2/3rds in place for the passing of the bill. ( no man is an island)there needed to be more republicans for the bill than there was-this would make it a bi-partisan results-no backlash further down the road such as -those dems voted in this bill- if it does not work. getting to your specific question-I believe pelosi should not have made that speech. It would be interesting to know what other excuse would have been made. do you believe that McCain didnot know that the bill would not pass?


I don't believe he didn't know that it would not pass. You have to remember, the reluctant reps that McCain talked to were going to vote until Pelosi pulled her stunt. I'm not Obama bashin, I just believe that since we tax payers are paying $150K plus a year for him to be in the senate and to vote on crucial issues that he should be there like McCain was. Obama actually had the nerve to say "call me if you need me." He is their elected candidate just like McCain is the republicans elected candidate and I would expect nothing less from him than what he did.


It is George Bush supported by McCain and all the republicans party members and supporters, brought America to this economic mess. There is no economic leadership in the republican party.


No,smoke screen if they really wanted to vote yes they would have !!


I hope the Dems do, than they can write the bill with all their own ideas, poor Reps bunch of (P.W. pink panties)


All lifelong Democrats agree that to give this woman the title Leader of anything is ridiculous!
She must go! Earlier today that movement was started in New York...... see here​E83B&pUrl=ShowUser.aspx%3fuid%3d3858A17170F0447CA3ABEF34A8384D3D​%26view%3d1

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Pelosi spoke the truth and I guess the truth is hard for some of the conservative Republlicans to swallow. Blaming Pelosi is simply a chidish excuse. Pelosi had the courage stand with an administration that has failed in so many ways because she recognize the need to help us prevent an even worse economic catastrophy. The failure of Republicans to support their leaders doesn't demonstrate any courage to stand up to the greed of wall street for the chaos in our economy.
The principles of bi-partisanship are those expressed by McCain who claimed he was the candidate that would cross the aisle. Well he failed to deliver.
He said he wanted to change Washington's bickering and fingerpointing. Well he failed again.


Why did 95 Dems Not vote on this???
Pelosi was Way out of line!
If this was not an Election Year ,,
You wouldn't have heard such a Spew from her.

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Very simple. Democrats have has said from the very beginning that no bill to be passed by Democrats unless it is a bi-partisan bill in which at least 51% of the Republicans would have to vote for it. Sunday night after the political leaders struck a compromise, supposedly to satisfy the conservative holdout on the insurance issue, the Republican leadership promised they would come up with their share of the vote.
After 3/4 of the Democrats voted for the bill and more than half of the Republlicans voted NO, the remaining Democrats voted NO because the Republicans refused to make the approval bi-partisan as promised.


FJA, The ONLY reason that the democrats wouldn't pass it is because they don't want to be stuck holding the bag if the "bail-out" fails!!!! It has NOTHING to do with bi-partisanship!

Ze'_Enigma of Dissidence..!!!:

Joy: You're correct. Neither do the Republicans. The Democrats could write their own bill, excluding everything the Republicans want included, but it would probably not be what the administration wants and the President would threaten a veto like he's done several times before on Democratic biils and they do not have enough votes to override a veto. The key issue to this problem all along, from the White House and from both candidates is a "bi-parttisan" bill since the administration sees this as a national priority not just another spending bill.


Hi contesa659: In my opinion Speaker Pelosi DID NOT lose the vote for the bill.

It says a lot about the Republicans, supposedly led by Sen. McCain, that just because their feelings were hurt over statements by speaker Pelosi they would not vote for the bill.

GIVE ME A BREAK - what happened to Sen. McCain's famous words - COUNTRY FIRST.
The Republicans were putting their petty differences and hurt feelings first not the country. It also shows that the leader of the Republicans in the House could not deliver votes when he said he could. The Republicans that used the reason of Speaker Pelosi's statements reminds me of children who have been scolded.


Hi Crispy: I appreciate your comment, but it is well known who is responsible for this economic disaster and I'm hoping that McCain's camp will come out with the truth. Bill Clinton passed a bill that MADE financial institutions give home loans to people who could not afford to pay for them and Fannie and Freddie were created by the dems. Barney Frank is in charge of them and he pressured the banks and financial institutions to give those home loans no matter what. President Bush and the republicans have tried since 2003 to put regulations on Fannie and Freddie and congress with the majority said NO every time. John McCain in 2005 cosponsored a bill that would make Wall Street more transparent and have more regulatory over Fannie and Freddie, but congress under Pelosi and Barney Frank said NO. They would not pass it. Democrats have been the only reason there is no regulatory on these institutions. If you don't believe me then follow the money trail (Dodd, Obama, Frank, dems) do it.


If that is the case for the GOP they have truly got a lot of growing up to do, with the american economy tittering is that all they can think of? Please be serious.......

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