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Has the US been put under Marshall Law

In this video, the representative says"Mr Speaker, I understand we are under Marshall Law as declared by the Speaker Last Night" the general public miss something?

Yes, Congressional Martial law, not the Civil Martial Law we are used to hearing about.
Under congressional martial law the one day suspension of voting on a bill can be omitted and the bill voted on immediately. Under civil martial law the military enforces a loss of civil rights.


Interesting how vernacular definitions are constantly applied to the words in professional's speeches.

Literally Speaking ™:

Thanx for the explanation, because I haven't seen any military rolling up and down the streets cept for the regular humvee that drives by once in a while.


I think it has since been suspended as the vote failed to pass the bill.


Thanks for the clarification. It was a bit bewildering hearing something like that coming out of such a formal setting


The house invoked martial law on its own members to avoid a 24 hour delay in voting on the bailout bill. This is disturbing, such things should be reviewed carefully, but no, the US is not under martial law.


Thanks Whip. Yeah, Why the rush hmmmmmm?

Literally Speaking ™:

News to me as well, hmmmm


Aside from that bit about Pelosi claiming that we are under marshal law, the rest of that speech made some very good points, good link!


Actually, this is my favorite. Love this woman. Makes me want to shout
and I mean it...

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