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What are your thoughts on the huge Dow fall and stock market woes?

Just curious if anyone with investments in the Stock Market are panicking. Seeing as I'm only 14, I don't have stocks, but I know I would be panicking if I did. Just wondering. Good luck to all you investors.
Dollar brand:

I never heard of some of these companies, until they started falling apart. I use to have stock in Merrell Lynch, but Bank of America will take over them, that's a good thing. You are very young to be interested in these things, but good for you to learn about finances now.................maybe in a year, things will be better.


It's temporary. They will bounce back. They always do. The worst think people can do is panic. You win some, you lose some. Anyone who invests in the stock market with money they can't afford to lose is nuts. You never bet the rent money.

Nat*lee 24/7:

Yankee: Presently there are financial disasters occurring such as "Leeman Brothers" today filing for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 13 (what that means you'd best google bankruptcy regulations and you'll find "chapter 13" details inside). There are also failures in the lending markets for real estate (that's houses mostly) and companies need money to keep them going until things are better.

All the above creates uncertainty. Uncertainty is very much like a youngster having nightmares about some impending doom and waking up all scared. Well, adults also become nervous because of uncertainty and because of that, they become afraid to invest reserved money and that makes stock markets fall even lower.

It is difficult to say when this ends and when "confidence" replaces uncertainty. It is possible things might get worse before they get better, but we don't really know.

Over time, things will become more steady, and then they get better. In a year or two you'll see a better economy.

If you ever consider investing in the future you must understand that investing is a kind of gamble, a wager like playing poker. Some people take higher rises that are like buying a lottery ticket. When the time comes you need to learn what your personal tolerance is for "risk." that means how much you might be willing to lose, compared to how much you hope to gain.

Hang i there yankee.


no no panic here... its up and down with the market... I take it as a buying opportunity

Chicago Lady:

Absolutely, when prices fall, it is a good time to acquire more stock. I've held onto mine for a looooonngg time - still earning a profit.


Thanks I used to have a 401K until the Bush administration stuck there noses in the wrong place and got NY city blown up. Then managed to invest my remaining retirement funds in real estate, till last month Washington bureaucrats managed to get that blown up too. See now that the religious right are now working Sundays to bailout those who put them in office.

Is it time to have Cheney take Bush hunting?

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