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Is deregulation the cause of the current Economic crisis

Is the deregulation that proponents of laissez fair neo liberalism put into place the cause of the worlds current economic woes? Is free market deregulation a greedy myth?

Slap. Good point - stick it on the table


No regulation. There was no oversight of Franny and Freddy by Congress and they were the creators of this trillion dollar mess. Under Clinton, the doors were thrown wide open and party hacks played with funds like it was their own piggy bank. Obama, in three years, is the second highest recipient of funds from this entity. Jesse Jackson got over $1.5 million. And still no oversight! Generations to come will pay while Clinton's buddy's roll in the dough. Millions upon millions.

If this doesn't work (gee, could they make the address longer!, try checking pages 6 through 10 WolfyXXIX question "Can anyone explain why the banking industry is in such a mess?" Then check my answer. It is too long to retype.
And, pb_bb, thank you for the kind sentiments concerning my upcoming surgery this Wednesday. Tonight are my last posts for awhile--until then--peace be with you and yours.


@ Nonnam -- goin' to look at that link now. Very interested. Re "long link" -- you think that one's long???? Have a look at Mom's ANSWER on this one:​5648&pUrl=ShowUser.aspx%3fuid%3dDF0C493D573B4094B2E05F8EAB10E90A​%26view%3d0


Absolutely--Republican deregulation & tearing down Depression Era firewalls has led to the economic crisis we are facing today.
(In an earlier question asked by WolfyXXIX, I listed the path (years, bills, acts, & who wrote/passed them) that the Republicans have taken. The question was "Can anyone explain why the banking industry is in such a mess? Check pages 6 through 9, should be around there somewhere then read my answer..thanks.)


I don;t think the answer is quite so simple as "regulation" or "dergulation," but I think its clear that some beneficial regulations were cut. We should not overreact and overregulate, but --- here's a crazy idea -- apply some *judgement* about which regulations are most beneficial overall.


I'd put my money on run away greed due to a total lack of leadership with our human instutions and communities......

John P:

No. For the past 15 years it has been greed and money.

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