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What do you think about the economics in America?


I think the media is stirring things up right now because of the election. Certainly the events of the last few days have been worrisome but the sky is not falling. We are far from having as big a problem as the media would like us to believe. What better way to round up votes than by creating hysteria.


The economy is not the top issue for nothing.


if there was a thing as decent and honest journalism anymore, i think you would see and understand the current economic condition of the country. but because the media is just a circus of entertainment rather than fact, you will never know what it is. it use to be that journalist challenged the candidates, dug for the truth and told it like it was. now it is a big brother corporate frenzy to see who can do the job with minimal facts and high entertainment. sad really!


I think it's Ok but it could be better.


A strong wind behinds to threaten the house of cards....


It's exciting. I made 9 thousand 10 days ago and moves some stocks off shore. I'm doing great. But then again I pay attention to the market.


I believe the economic's will come back up, in early '09, and then whomever the president is can say Hey! Look What I have Done and take creidt for it, REALLY!

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