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Inflation, Where has it affected you most this month?

Fuel costs have come down a little. Where are you spending more than ever now?
Chicago Lady:

Hi Dean! Just wanted to say Hello. It seems like a year since I've seen you!! Hope all is well!! :-)


Hello and yes it has been awhile. I sent you a little something in the E-mail earlier hope you enjoy it. I found it interesting.

Chicago Lady:

Thanks, I'll look at it and reply back via email.

Nat*lee 24/7:

Probably food costs. I have entirely stopped going out for entertainment (no movies, no dinners out, no impulse buying, no random trips by car to anywhere - only trips that I can reach by bicycle, or mandatory trips by car), I keep my car parked 9/10 of the month and refill once every 5 weeks, I read more, write more, watch TV and my old DVDs more, make my own meals, never let leftovers spoil rather than being consumed.

But food is a must and costs of food are skyrocketting because of transportation costs and fuels needed to produce in the first place (not to mention fertilzers used for production). My budget is so tight I've reverted to using <angelfoodministries> on the internet. This keeps me, my brother, my 86 yr old aged mom, my nephew and his wife and 2 kids fed by purchsing bundles of $65-$70 worth of food for $30. (If any of you need emergency help with food, look up that reference.) One income for 7 of us.

And some people actually think others like me will gain from Senator Obama's whacky plans? I don't believe for a minute his claims that 95% will get breaks. His other programs will overburden America and for me to rely upon Obama's plans my family would have to give up the one income we do have just to get on the benefit rolls he proposes. That's not for me, nor for most Americans. And if you think its a matter of pride, yes, that's exactly what it is. As long as I can work or at least donate myself to get the income instead of looking for handouts, that's what I'll do.


Nothing can surprise me at this point. Wages are not compensating the rise in inflation. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that supposed to lower inflation.


I'm spending a lot more on gas...and everything else in general. The price of goods hasn't come down at all.


Agreed! I noticed I get fewer bags of groceries for the amounts of money I spend.

Chicago Lady:

Sun Moon, Dean, a bag of lettuce/salad which a year ago was 3.69 is now 5.09. Bread is over 3.00 Milk is unaffordable. A carton of eggs, EGGS, is over 3.00 I remember when they were 69 cents a dozen... just a couple years ago. I used to pay 20.00 on gas to commute to work and back, now it is close to 60.00 for the same commute each WEEK. Makes me want to stay home on the weekends...


Look here some people can't afford to answer questions here that is how bad it's getting. lol


Gas prices first and food and utility bills a close second. Wish my retirement amounts went up as much as the other costs do.


One can never plan on their retirement to suffice as we get older. Just an observation I have made over the years.


I hear about the inflation thing, but I am better off than ever. I cannot remember anytime in my married life (oh when I was single my pockets did jungle) when I have had more money to spend on wants after all the needs.
So to answer your question more directly, I am spending more on fun things because I can.


after submitting my answer, I read the other answers and now I feel a little guilty. Not guilty enough to quit spending, though.

John P:

Fuel cost have gone up and gas is going up 22% this month. Now that the gas is going up the water and electric will go up. Some people pay more for utilities than rent. People up here will be spending all they can to keep warm.


Heating fuel costs are insane this is a huge problem. Not everyone is aware of winter (below zero) needs for heating. How many people have to die from hypothermia because fuel is unaffordable?


Welcome to the future.

Brian P. O'Gorman:

Ice cream. Those robber barons have the market cornered. They charge more for less now too.


Haggen daz at all time HIGH.

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