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What is Obama's position on the current economic situation?

"The events of the last few days have made it clear that we must take further bold and decisive action to shore up confidence in our financial markets and avoid a deepening economic crisis that could jeopardize the life savings and well-being of millions of Americans," Obama said in a statement.Obama said he supported efforts by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to work with the Congressional leadership to find a solution to the deepening crisis.​_dc

The times we are in are hard for anyone especially a person with the limited experience that Obama has to have an answer even the experts are caught questioning what to do and what is going on, they seem to be saying that this is the last of it to only see something new happen in the tomorrows to come. The fact is the market needs to reconcile it self.


I felt today that he is handling the whole thing way better then Mccain. Obama's intellegence far out weighs McCain's. McCain clearly doesn't understand the economy.


tax the people more making 250 thousand and prop up the economy. Did you see the market was up 400 at opening? I think you and I and just a few others actually understand how the economy works


The Trickle down Wealth effect has really properly helped huh?....I know your a good guy..or at least you claim to be....but not everyone is the same....some people keep the riches for themselves without recompensating their employees..


Rick what is your ideas of how the economy works.


gott how much time you gott?


I think we have to start from the bottom up....People are losing their homes.....Why not re write a 30 year loan to 75 or more years.....that way... I think the foreclosures will stop.... and the people who's home mortgage have raised due to those fishy creative loan won't lose their homes... and the down slop of foreclosers will end......


Yeah, the little guy will still have a place to live and pay for until the day he dies and he will have a mortgage to leave his widow. The rich will get to keep their illgotten gains and quickly make more. Everybody is happy and lives another day.


better than not having a home at all ...because he has file bankrutcy...and his widow will have a home to live in when he dies...and not on the streets.....




Failing banks......failing Insurance company....failing stock market...... Enron.... foreclosures......Republican


They call it socialism when it is health care, but what do they call it when it is bailing out the greedy. They call it creating an institution to cleanse the balance sheet.


SOCIALISM, I think it will cost him the White House.

I posted the link to his comments but it seems obvious that you already know the answer to the question. Isn't that a violation to answer your own question?


Taxing the rich will not prop up the economy. Helping people be productive will prop up the economy. The debate, at least amongst the honest politicians(LOL), is how to help the people be more productive. While there aren't any clear cut answers, I always give the benfit of the doubt to the side of freedom.

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