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Privatize profits, Nationalize losses: Good or bad

The current Economic system is based on competition in order to create a stronger market, but whenever large multinational companies get into strife, taxpayers money is used to bail them out while small companies & individuals go to the wall.Should taxpayers support large companies in this way? Should large companies be required to redistribute some of their their profits through larger taxes in order to reimburse this back to the public?Is the current system geared to strengthen the strong & weaken the weak?

It's called welfare for the rich. The largest and richest corps and individuals always get the largest tax breaks and benefits. The wealthy point their fingers at the poor and call them irresponsible and lazy as they make decisions to move work to poor undeveloped nations and cut jobs and labor costs. Here in Sweden, the State is supplying free labor to companies under the guise of work programs for the unemployed. So, there are not many new jobs since many companies can get all the State funded employees they need. Also, tax cuts usually benefit the highest income earners. Many wealthy set up their permanent domicile in low taxed States in the US and have 2nd homes in other States and because they are part time residences, they pay 20 % of the normal property tax rate while the working in that State pay 100 % property tax burden as both get the same services in whatever township they live in. If the above are not systems that favor the rich, then perhaps I am not seeing my world clearly.


Here in Sweden, the State is supplying free labor to companies under the guise of work programs for the unemployed. So, there are not many new jobs since many companies can get all the State funded employees they need.
Wow, that's Orwellian! So the state perpetuates a system of no jobs, creating an abundance of free labour for the wealthy, while the state pays low 'unemployment benefits' to this free labour force, further engraining this strata of plebiscites. That's really bad. I thought Sweden was one of the better nations when it comes to labour. Guess I'm wrong. Thanks m.


Not any more---they have joined the New World Order. Rights are disappearing daily and there is little respect for the law by those in authority. The education system is a disaster and 80 % of the population is on Prescription drugs and the food (Poison and artificial everything)is following the American model. Folks are getting fat and stupid... Some say, the Swedes are the lab rats for the Americans to try out different systems.. I think this may be true.... The government passes laws without any consulting of the citizens or voting... This is the downside of a Social system... You give people enough, but not too much and you got them under control....


Damn! Is there nowhere sacred? I thought scandinavians were smarter...


Not anymore, unfortunately.... They were the last stronghold for sanity in our world but have been corrupted big time....


You have a great point..
Large companies that get bailed out should pay higher taxes in order to reimburse the American public.
Otherwise the small companies & Indiviuals get nailed twice.


This is an incredibly bad thing. The thing that keeps bunsinesses behaving responsibly is that they will feel the inevitable consequences of their misdealings. In the current scenario, those consequences include bankruptcy, going out of business, and sharing responsibility for cratering our financial system. That's pretty bad juju.

Remove those consequences, though, and why should these companies behave responsibly? The Feds will bail them out.

We should not support businesses in this way, and the Feds should not be in the business of bailing people OR companies out from their own mistakes.

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