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Are Bush & Co. really Fabian Socialists

With the recent nationalization of Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae & now AIG, making the Us Government the worlds largest Insurance Company, & having done all this without compensating investors yet retaining CEO Salaries, is Bush & Co finally showing their true colours to be international Fabian Socialists for a One World Socialist System? A Socialist system in which a small group of elite control a Socialist based system funded by the public?

They are certainly a bunch that like to us tax payers money to feather their own nests. The Bush family started out in Banking & Finance in the 1830's, Halliburton has certainly used Tax funds to feather the VP's nest, Candy R is on Board of Directors of E/Mobil. The Carlyle Group owes 70% of Cable TV rights in Sweden and God only knows what they control in the States , so you have media control. Papa Bush bailed out the S&L crooks in the 80's and gave them the job of administering the selling off properties, which they sold to themselves and friends to profit a 2nd time. Actually, McCain was involved in a scandal of the K 8--all Senators who took bribes from a crooked Arizona Banker who was also pardoned by Big Papa and Little Georges 1st job was in one of the Texas Banks pardoned by Big Papa for shaky business practices as what one might say was a pay back, but I'll leave that to you to decide. So, with Organizations like WTO, WB, WHO, you can surmise that we are in a power play for the last of the worlds resources, media control, and currency manipulation. Add on poison food, Bad Education, Drugs, modern psychology that gives into the persons every weakness, hands out pills like candy, and apathy growing amongst youth, you end up with a lot of physically, emotionally, and mentally weakened people who easily controlled and manipulated.


Yep, dumbin' 'em down!


What a nightmare these four years have been!
Love the Avatar!


It's a nice post. BUT --- it has nothing to do with McCain. Bush is a "lame-duck" President --- and who CARES what he proffers?
McCain is his own man --- and has disagreed with Bush on numerous occasions.
He has a different agenda in place for us. I WOULD say: "Change, change, change". But that goof, Obama, already chose that as his mantra. A ninth-grade high-schooler gave that to Obama.
Let me REPEAT: McCain is NOT a "clone" of Bush nor Bushonomics".
SO --- WHY this post?


It's based on that equation that Obama has been pushing since day one (I'm different and every Republican is the same as Bush, I vote with my party 97% of the time and I'm offer you something new....even if it looks just like the last two years)


Actually Jim, Bush & Co. are in my mind, Bush & the neo conservatives. I'm not intending to put Mcain in that camp & have not mentioned Mcain. If Mcain is more Republican than the Neo cons, well & good. Unfortunately the Neo Cons were just that, New conservatives, but were in fact Globalist Liberals at the Core with a radical agenda. Nothing conservative about Bushes years...


Actually gbob, there are no differences between Mcain, Obama & Bush. The same ultimate agenda & the same masters (the Israel lobby). There is no real choice.




Yeah, nothing New about it...

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