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What does financial crisis means to you?


Well personally what it means for me is watching my husband this morning having to sell his horse that he loves dearly to pay our electric bill, watching him work his fingers to the bone just to make ends meet, and me personally feeling like a dead beat because I don't have a job, I have to stay home to take care of my disabled sister and even if I didn't, I really don't have any skills so I wouldn't have much of a job if I was able to go work.


I am so sorry to hear it is hitting you so badly nik


Seeing my hard earned retirement savings literally just slip away after it taking so many years to build up for security. I am anxious now, and with recession about to hit .... who really wants to hire an older person if I try to go back to work? Especially when the whole reason I retired was due to health issues. But a lot of folks have it far worse off than me, so I am not really going to moan about this. I just have to get on and do whatever I need to do.


Losing everything we have saved for over the last 30 years.

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