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What's the best automatic dishwasher on the market?

If you have to rinse your dishes before you use the thing-what good is it?

I want a dishwasher that doesn't require you wash and rinse the dishes before loading the machine. Is there a dishwashing machine out there that can do that effectively?


You do not need to rinse. Scrape any large pieces of food off but no rinsing necessary.


Sounds like good "marine" sense to me Uncle D! I like that! Thanks!


Bigsteve has the correct answer, but I'll answer anyway. Kenmore. I'm 61 years old, and have always used Kenmore washer/dryer, refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. Great service from this name brand.


I just read in consumer report that Kenmore was the best buy-but is it necessary to rinse the dishes before you load the dishwasher? That is really my question because I want a dishwasher that you don't have to wash the dishes before you load them in the thing. And I agree with Big Steve also-but I have other uses for my French maid...and she does windows! LOL!


No rinsing necessary. Scrape large pieces of food off, but no rinsing required.


we like them because we actually have fewer colds when we use one.... I say buy the most expensive one you can afford.... and get the tall tub one too those are great!!!


Hadn't thought of them as health systems mom-but it makes sense. Thanks!


A french maid in a mini skirt.


Certainly not Fifi la France! She doesn't get out of bed! ;-))


We have a great one called Dishlex but not sure it is available in other countries.
I know that pre-rinsing dishes before you load seems like it should not need to be done if using a dishwasher but don't think of it as having to rinse them super clean before loading. Your pre-rinse mainly to get rid of obvious heavy food bits. The key reason is to try and avoid heavy build up of actual food (and thus bacteria) in your dishwasher. If you get actual food build-up, in time it will start to smell in there for sure!
A key thing these days to look for in a dishwasher is energy efficiency.


Sounds right to me about the buildup of bacteria. Thanks!


Honestly , I don't use one.
Less water to do them myself.
Less harsh chemicals to clean them
Less power, Time, ect.
You rinse, bend to put them in the dishwasher, wait, and finally bend to empty.
Actually is more work to use a dishwasher in my opinion.


Reminds me of a Jeff Foxworthy Joke-
" You know your a redneck if the term Loading the Dishwasher means getting the wife drunk"..
I have one,,, I don't like to use it.


I like your humor also nativepat! LOL!! And thanks!


Amana Built-In Dishwasher Stainless Steel

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