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An American Citizen

Have you known someone wealthy, but wasn't always that changed ? In good ways, or bad ?

No names please.
Turk Boy:

I used to live with a celebrity and became good friends but at first just being in the home made me nervous, let alone when he was home with the crazy 'enterage'. That was then. But when it came down to it....just as people say, those that are blessed in that way really are just like all of us. The only thing I didn't like is always being in the scrutinizing eye of those around like friends or people who who play mind games just to keep themselves around. I enjoy is only monetary. My advice to those who have.......stay REAL!!!! :0)


I have known people that won the lottery, but thet blew it all real fast!


I know a lot of wealthy people and they know that i don't have near as much as they do, but they treat me like they treat others.


Yes, my sister and her husband are very blessed, but you would never know it. They are just plain ordinary people. They do not put on any airs or act all snooty. They are like the salt of the earth. :) They are very giving, and generous almost to a fault.


I know a lot of wealthy people, Have known many for over 45 years. You can always tell a prospective successful/wealthy person. They are driven. All have remained driven to this day.

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